Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweenie

 Brandon worked really hard turning our family into the Avengers.  He was Tony Stark, otherwise known as Ironman out of the suit.  The camera didn't pick up his arc reactor but it looked great.
Captain America

The Incredible Hulk

 These two little superheroes brought in quite the stash.  They are adorable girls but in costume it lifted their cuteness off the charts.  Daisy was stuffed so big with muscles that she could hardly walk but when she would get a piece of candy she would do her excited dance and people would just give her more.  Rocky was very proud of her Thor costume and was especially particular about her beard.  We had to fix it before we left the house because she was looking in the mirror and felt that I hadn't drawn enough on the chin.  
 We also had a lot of other Halloween style fun this past week.  We went to see all the Jack-o-Lanterns at Kesey square and carved a few of our own.

 We also ate pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and then later had the Howard family traditional dinner in a pumpkin.  Rocky begged and begged to watch a really scary movie so I tried to think back to the thing that I thought was the most scary when I was little and I kept going back to the Garfield Halloween special.  We pulled it up on youtube and now I know that the scariest thing about it are the awful musical numbers.  Rocky was pretty spooked by the ghost pirates but it wasn't enough so we also watched Disney's version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which pretty much scared the pants off of her.  She is a little thrill seeker though and when it finished she just wanted to start it over again. 
All in all it was a great day and a great season.  I'm sad to see October go because this has been a good one.  Don't worry though because while we were eating our pumpkin dinner we already started brainstorming about our costumes for next year.  Rocky said that she wants to be a dead mermaid..........hmmm....we'll see.

Bonus Video:


JazznJenna said...

Love your costumes and your Halloween spirit. A dead mermaid? I wonder how she comes up with those ideas. And I've never known any child that really wanted to get scared like that in a movie, that's funny. Sleepy Hollow was a good idea : ). Loved your video!

Micha said...

That preview was fantastic. Can't wait for the full version flick! :)

Cara Rigby said...

that was so cute! I miss you guys so much! Daisy is the cutest rage filled green man I've ever seen. Can NOT wait for the dead mermaid next year :)

Jill said...

Those costumes ROCK! Your family is so cute, I love seeing all the fun stuff you do!

Michelle said...

Love the video! You guys are so funny. Your kids are lucky to have such cool parents :)

The Huffs said...

Seriously? Before I even saw your blog I knew your costumes would be awesome. You guys always have the best ideas. Love it!

Sharstin said...

ha! you guys are rad! love the costumes~