Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mt. Baldy

 For the first time both Rocky and even our little Daisy made it on their own two feet up to the top of a hike.  Okay, so the route to the top of Mt. Baldy is probably not even a mile, but I was still pretty impressed with those chubby little legs.
 ...Daisy's not mine.
 At the top they were rewarded with bananas and a beautiful view.


Micha said...

YAY for the girls!!!!

Mama B said...

Way to go girls! I feel totally dumb, I didn't know you could hike Mt. Baldy! And I have lived here almost my entire life!


JazznJenna said...

It looks like I missed out on yet another family-friendly hiking opportunity in the area there that I didn't even know about. Bummer! That's fun that the girls could do it all by themselves. Yay!