Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Beard Whisperers

 Brandon made his musical debut as the bass player for Eugene's newest sensation, The Beard Whisperers.  Jake, Seth, Ryan and Logan were out of luck when Ricky moved away, taking his bass guitar with him and like any self-respecting garage band scrambled to find someone to take his place before their show.  Lucky for us Brandon not only has a a bass, but he also comes with an uncanny ability to grow facial hair, and two weeks later, here he is, in a band.  He was worried that his limited ability to play the aforementioned bass would be a problem, but I assured him that the bass player's most important role is to provide eye-candy for the girls and he rocked at that job.  He worked hard to learn his part and the show took place on Friday night.

The Beard Whisperers in action.  Photo stolen without permission from Michelle's blog because she is a much better photographer than I am.  Hopefully she considers theft a compliment.
The crowd that gathered in Jake and Annie's backyard on what was luckily a beautiful evening was treated by a talented group of guys who love music.  We spanned the generations from oldies to babies and everyone, especially the kids, had a blast.
The guys in the band are super fun, and they have really cool wives that I like to hang out with so I feel like I've hit the jackpot.  I always knew that I should be the incredibly hot wife of a rock star.

Rocky and Mac, official groupies
 The audience was the best because it was made up of such great friends.

Marcelle's guitar cake


Michelle said...

These pictures make me miss everyone! I wish we had been there for the performance.

Sharstin said...

seriously so great~ you guys are rad!