Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Slippers

 On Saturday we took a trip to the Portland temple.  We were going early so that I could do a session before Brandon went in with the members of the branch.  Instead of pulling the girls out of bed to get them ready we just put them in the car in their p.j.s and then packed a bag with cute little dresses to change them into.  When I came out of the temple Brandon walked up with these two wild animals.  Apparently we had forgotten the bag of clothes.  He did a good job finding bargains, but in the meantime made quite a fashion statement.  Especially when you picture the wedding crowds around the temple grounds.  I think a few of those brides might have some slippered photo bombers that they hadn't bargained for.  Later we went to the Saturday Market in Portland where it seemed everyone was wearing something odd and the outfits were quite a hit with the local hippie population.  Where the people at the temple seemed to consider slippers as not-quite-appropriate footwear, the downtown Portland crowd figured they were a lot warmer than the bare feet that were the norm. 

I took the rest of these pictures after church on Sunday.  When we get home it is like releasing caged monkeys into the wild.  They roll around and cry for a while and then they start running in circles and jumping up and down.  Luckily we live on the bottom floor.

The slippers in their natural habitat

I like that when they sit together, they really sit together.

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Matt said...

In the first picture Rocky looks like the guy on the "Keep on Trucking" hat.

Daisy is KILLING IT with the manatee Buzz Lightyear combo.