Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break

 We didn't travel anywhere for spring break this year but we had a lot of fun hanging out in Eugene.  We spent a lot of time spring cleaning which in this state means working on our un-ending battle with mold.  We also took a bunch of bags of junk to Goodwill.  It always feels like a renewal when you can de-clutter and make room for the new junk that we will eventually fill the empty spaces. 

We also went to check out the Raptor Center which is very cool.  There are all kinds of huge and beautiful birds that are being rehabilitated there and others that have injuries that keep them there permanently.  I didn't get many photos but I did catch a glimpse of these this rare and dangerous breed.
 We for once were the cool kids on the playground when we busted out this kite.  I've had it for like two years and kept pushing it to the back of my closet.  I figured that I might as well actually use it so that it would get stuck in a tree or something and I wouldn't have to keep storing it.  But it turned out to be really fun and the girls along with about a bazillion kids from the co-op were thrilled.  There were a few close calls where some of the more rambunctious kids were "accidentally" almost hit with a low swooping kite, but in the end everyone went home in tact...even the kite.

 We went to breakfast at a local place called Brail's which was a big hit.  This time when the girls walked in wearing their pjs and slippers it wasn't by accident.  I'm already looking forward to the next time we can go back.

Overall it was a fun break just being together as a family.

Bonus Story:  Yesterday Rocky was pretending to be Abby the little fairy on Sesame Street.  Abby is always poofing things, which is to say that she will do a little spell and 'poof' whatever the spell called for will appear.  She didn't know I was watching but I heard her say,
"Handsome, handsome, handsome...
And my age!"  Poof!
Lucky for me nobody appeared this time, but I fear it is only time until someone does.

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Laurie said...

Glad you guys had a fun break. I love the bonus story... Rocky cracks me up. Those glasses are awesome.

Your girls are so cute. :)