Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Day for Normal School

 I know that it is not yet Valentine's Day but I just couldn't resist sharing this drawing that Rocky made.  Since she knows her deadbeat boyfriend probably won't actually give her a Valentine, she drew a picture of him doing it, and gave it to herself.  If you don't know who he is, you don't read my blog enough.
According to the Buena Vista policy Valentine's Day is going to be a dud.  As a parent I think their policy is great. 
Basically their plan is to minimize:
*lost instructional time
*the commercial nature of gift giving and spending lots of money (They would prefer all the money that was ever raised by the parents go to the monthly fundraisers...I made that part up but I'm sure it is true.)
*the romantic nature of the holiday and to avoid awkward and inappropriate advances among the children
*negative feelings of comparisons if some children didn't get as many cards as the others
 *Unhealthy eating habits...candy

In short, they want to make sure that no fun is had.

I think they are probably right about all of this, but part of me thinks that wrenching feeling of heartache and rejection on February 14 is one of those character building things that makes children grow up to be decent adults. 
I'm glad for the crackdown on candy, but sometimes I just want to transport my girls back to my childhood when it was 100% legit to rain candy on school children.  Especially Daisy.  Oh how Daisy would love the decorated shoe boxes full of cards and so, so many treats.
And speaking of treats, Daisy wouldn't take a nap today until I promised her that I wouldn't let Rocky eat the conversation hearts she got from her Oma.  I just turned around and found Rosy standing on the table with like 15 of them in her mouth.  Don't tell. 

Disclaimer:  This picture came from a few nights ago so there are no conversation hearts actually in her mouth.  You will just have to believe me.  Oh and it was probably more like 3 hearts, instead of 15 but she has a little mouth and like Daisy said just the other day when begging for another Snickerdoodle, "Three is not a lot."

So since they don't do Valentines at school Rocky was assigned to make a "Friendship card" for 5 kids in her class.  It isn't clear what the difference is but it is clear that no candy will be involved. 
I looked at her list and this is it.


I won't say anything else because I know there is another mother confused at why her kid seems convinced that the "Rocky" on his list is a girl.

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