Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oh Daisy

 Our little Daisy girl turned 4 today.  She is such a sweet girl and didn't seem the least disappointed in getting Rocky's handed down bike.  She has been buzzing around on it all weekend.  She had two requests for her birthday.  When I asked what she wanted for a gift she begged for a corn dog.  Part of me just wants her to stay 4 forever when her heart's desire can be purchased at Winco in a box of 16 for $4.50.  She also used the birthday-card (ha ha) and convinced me to buy some of those little sweet peppers.  My girls think they are amazing.  It took me three tries to get this photo because she kept making her Miley Cyrus face, and it just seemed a little too obscene. 
 Since the corn dog and peppers were technically her gift she also got to choose a birthday meal.  She picked breakfast for dinner.  She wanted pancakes and bacon but in the end she basically just ate fruit.  Despite being such a foodie, she has recently gotten quite a bit pickier.  Her favorite thing in the world is a fruit kabob.
 I took a picture of her rainbow unicorn party.  (It was heavy on the rainbow, not so much unicorn).  It turns out that on Pinterest the people who do unicorn parties get really hard core.  We decided to keep it simple and just do rainbows.  And by simple I mean that I went way overboard.  Luckily Brandon spent all morning making little marshmallow clouds and saving my cupcakes.  The surprise of the night was that even with all those cupcakes, the kids all went straight for the fruit.  It turns out that Daisy isn't the only kid who enjoys fruit on a stick. 
 Daisy is an incredible kid.  She tells me that she loves me about once an hour and wants to snuggle all day long.  She laughs with this giggle that comes straight from her gut and is so full of joy that you can't help but join in.  She spends hours drawing, coloring, and sticker-ing things and also loves to cook with me.  She is darling on her new bike and pedals around trying to keep up with the older kids.  She has a tender little heart that is terrified of bugs and eyes that well up with tears at the slightest hint that someone is hurt but at the same time has a stubborn fiery streak that won't put up with crap.
Oh, and she also made this pig puppet and proudly pointed out that it has boobs and a pink tail.
Did I mention that she always makes me laugh?  Happy birthday Daisy.  You are awesome.

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Debbie said...

That last picture is funny. I used to have a pig named Daisy. But it was a black pig. I can't believe she is so old already. Happy birthday, Daisy!