Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kids in Pictures Again

 Rosy was just hanging out with a banana and no shirt in the laundry basket. 
 There we go again with the Miley Cyrus face.  This time she is doing it while sitting in a box. 
 Brandon caught Rocky with the camera and she was, of course, taking a selfie.  I'm sure this is a preview of the 100 billion of these to come.  I know that she already assumes that she is a teenager but sometimes she has me almost convinced too.
 Movie night!  Rosy is never cuter than when we have popcorn. 
Daisy wanted to thank her Oma for the jewelry box kit.  After a week of adding a few touches a day she thinks she only needs another month to get it up to the level of bling that she wants.

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