Sunday, March 9, 2014

Putting Names with a few of my Favorite Faces

I have realized that during the past few years I have taken a lot of photos of the kids and their friends but I don't have any of the parents, who are my friends.  It just seems too awkward to ask adults to smile for the camera but the other night, while I didn't get everyone, I did get a few good shots.
 Rosy refuses to sit and snuggle even for a second with her mom but the second Jim enters the room she is cozied up happy as can be.  I always thought it was that she didn't like to cuddle but now I know that it is just that she plays favorites.
Syd and Nick

Jody, Brandon and Jay

Yan, Abbey, Sara and Tucker

 What else would a bunch of kids do when they are finally unleashed to make their own choices, play school of course.  I've never seen them all sit so calmly.
 I did want to point out that the two children that are having wardrobe malfunctions are mine.
Karen (Daisy's BFF), Rusten and baby Helen

 This one is me and even though it isn't a great picture I like it because I am actually holding the baby dragon.  The only reason that she is willing to sit on my lap is because I bribed her with a cup full of Goldfish.

Selfie with Yan with Karen looking sultry in the background

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Callie. said...

Marci, how fun to go through these pictures and see your beautiful family (wardrobe malfunctions and all. which makes me feel better about my own who have the same issues) and to see more familiar faces in that Spencer View room. So fun! P.s. Did you know that Nick Jordan was friends with my sister Karina in high school? Anyways, they know my sister and her friends well. Small world!