Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back in the Hood

 There is never a dull moment around here.  After Jill left I figured we would just mooch around the house for a couple of days and let the girls (Daisy) get back into the groove of the slow life.  What we learned is that there is no such thing.  When you live in a place like this there is always something happening.  Like when we walked out and Yan was opening up clams and finding the meat, and also little live mini crabs that the girls could play with. 
 They have also gotten into the habit of turning outside time into Wrestle Fest 2014.

 I know I already have about a hundred of these jammy shots but I just can't resist.  Who couldn't pull out a camera when bedtime brings out the snuggliest of the snuggly.
 We headed to Detering's Orchard to pick some peaches.  My girls managed to walk into an entire lot of peach trees and pick the least ripe fruit they could find.  I tell you this much, next time we do the picking ourselves they will be more closely monitored.  Actually, next time I'll just let them play at the playground and buy the ones that are already picked. 

 Daisy's face was a preview of the one I made when I tasted one of those peaches. 
 I love these kids.

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