Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eugene Celebration

 It feels like every year the Eugene parade gets better and better.  The first year Brandon and I were sitting there by ourselves and as the time has passed we have been able to experience this yearly tradition with friends.  Even though this particular parade would be entertaining even without great company, I still feel that it is only improved with friends to laugh with, and in the case of Abbey who is my kindred spirit, also to cry with. 
 Nobody ever understands why something like this
 could bring tears to my eyes.  I have heard that everyone is touched by different things and it is painfully obvious that one of my soft spots is community.  I can't help but get choked up when people come together to support each other, even if the cause is something weird.  I don't even know what this tree or the rolling couch are supporting but somehow it still just gets me.

And this guy, well, he was just amazing.

This next segment will be referred to as two non-related photos that just don't seem to fit in anywhere else.
I have almost this exact picture of Rocky making a mess out of my wallet.  All these years later and it is still incredibly annoying.  

 And for those of you who don't live close enough to enjoy the best planter box ever I thought I would include a picture.  It was made for Brandon by Matt and Kristin and I was too afraid to use it last year.  I was worried that it would be stolen.  This year I decided that I would take the risk because it wasn't doing any good hiding it's under the metaphorical bushel.  Now it has definitely let it's light shine.  We were doing pretty well working up in popularity in the red doors mostly because of Rocky just being herself, but since we put this out we have even been receiving nods from even the least social of our neighbors.  I am convinced that the basil is growing better because it feels so proud of its home. 

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