Monday, September 8, 2014

The Way Down is Better

 Laurie, Katie and I were running one morning and after double digit mileage decided that it would be a great idea to hike our kids up to the top of Spencer's Butte immediately afterward we finished.  It really was a great idea and we had a good time.  I was especially spoiled because Brandon carried Rosy basically the entire way.  The kids excelled in hiking as well as in striking amazing poses.

 We thought that since it was getting kind of close to lunch time that we would take the short cut down.  I need to say right at this moment that it was a legit short cut trail, we weren't just walking down the side of the mountain.  There was a small amount of time that we ended up on the runoff path which was pretty treacherous.  The trail is steep and dusty and while I was glad we hadn't gone up that way, going down ended up being super fun, mostly because almost all of us ended up falling on our bums and getting completely covered in dust.
 We made it down the trail just in time to be there for the last day of free lunch.  We went almost every day we were in Eugene.  We have these great friends from Peru and Adriana introduced me to some of her Spanish speaking friends.  I loved hanging out practicing my language skills.  The girls loved the fact that the lunches came in brown bags, and, of course, the chocolate milk.
 I kind of teared up when I had to say goodbye to the free lunch lady.  Hopefully I'll see her again next summer.

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