Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Long Hiatus

 Instead of keeping my blog updated I have been putting my time into more important pursuits, such as sitting on the couch under a pile of blankets.  When the weather turned dark and cold in Eugene I surrendered to it whole heartedly.  Don't feel bad though because I also equally neglected all the other chores and responsibilities in my life.  So what have we been doing instead?  Well, not a lot.  There is the twice daily trek out to Buena Vista, which has become increasingly longer as the holiday shopping has made turned Oakway Road into an imitation of downtown NYC.  It works out well for the panhandlers that stand on the corners, but not so well for moms that would rather not spend their entire afternoon in transit.  There has been a lot of ukulele playing and Christmas song singing.  There has been some crafting and a lot of coloring done by the girls, but their mom still hasn't really even started on her homemade Christmas gifts, which should make for a couple of busy days coming up.  I did prioritize to ensure that we did make it through our yearly reading of A Christmas Carol, which just might be my favorite tradition.
I am still injured so I haven't been running which can only be described as a BUMMER.  This lack of physical exercise in my life may or may not have contributed to the moping around the house.  We also had a big change at church when the Spanish Branch was split up and we started attending the Eugene 3rd Ward.  
I couldn't remember anything else that happened until I found these photos.
Rosy looks cute here but the important thing is that there was actually a ray of sunshine.
 This is the single photo that we took on Thanksgiving.  Pretty sad.  We had a nice meal in the Spencer View Community Room with lovely friends.  It was our 4th year in a row and as always, the food was fabulous.
 I thought that since we always go to Utah that we would try to do some Christmasy things around home before we left.  I looked at Pinterest and found a bunch of ideas that were way to much work to be of interest to me.  Then I looked again and found some that were within my grasp, namely, that the girls could basically do them without any assistance.
 Side Note:  Rocky's other front tooth is now hanging on for dear life.  It is still attached but it hasn't stopped her from singing her new hit Christmas song, "All I want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth, and a Vitamix, and to see my Grandmas."  What? You haven't heard it?  It is all the rage.  It caught on so quickly because all the 6-year-olds that are losing their teeth also want blenders for Christmas.
 These candy canes were supposed to be made with strawberries, but the grapes were on sale and that is how we roll. You can see that the results were mixed, but delicious.
 We did some other games and stuff but why would I take a picture of an activity that didn't involve food?
Of course we had to make marshmallow fudge.  All the girls call it "sudge" which sounds disgusting but still manages to taste good.  Noted:  Any points I received by making a fruit treat a few nights earlier were immediately void once we pulled out the sudge.

 We did watch a bunch of Oregon Duck football and celebrated when Marcus Mariota won the Heisman.  Rosy seems to be the lone sports enthusiast of our progeny.
 The other two found something else to keep themselves occupied.  NERDS!  It looks like we may have future scholars on our hands instead of Olympic athletes.  My hopes and dreams are crushed.  We have no choice but to leave the United States and hope we can find another homeland that will accept us.
Does anyone else think that I may have been a little bit enthusiastic in calling "Green Eggs and Ham" scholarly?

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