Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Bribe in the Name of Science

 I sign us up for any kind of paid research study we can find.  For the past few years our Christmas budget has been made by selling our bodies to science.  I was thrilled when this one came up and promised to pay $150.  It was like hitting the jackpot.  Unfortunately Daisy really wasn't into it.  I actually told her that if she didn't do it there would be no presents.  Her answer:  We already have too many toys anyway.  Her dad is a little more diplomatic and asked her to have an "open mind".  She took it to heart both literally and figuratively and we were on our way to have our brains scanned.
 The pay off came early with a giant ice cream cone.
I do appreciate the money but what I really like about participating in studies is that you get to watch science in action.  This time we really lucked out and the scientist was a girl.  Not only was she as cute as a Disney Princess, she was also as sharp as a tac.  My pink-loving, princess worshipping little munchkin now has a role model that might actually be worth admiring.  And now we have $150 to buy Frozen toys.

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Jenna Lovell said...

Marci, this is a cool post. Tate wore the same "space hat" for some U of O research that also involved some cool parenting classes and child behavior training. Those were great times. We didn't get paid money, but got free dinner every time we attended a class. Thanks for sharing--I'm glad you had a good experience with it!