Sunday, December 21, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods

 We made it to Utah again.  We picked Rocky up from school early and left at 12:30.  I fell asleep right away and Rosy woke me up with a cry of snow.  I opened my eyes to an amazing winter scene.  It lasted for about 15 minutes until we lowered in elevation and that was it.  It was magical while it lasted though.
 The girls were great, if not a little grumpy.  But whenever gloomy faces came out we just reminded them that we were going to grandma's house and cheeriness would return.
 We took a surprise stop at a creepy cafe in Juntura.  The cafe itself was pretty cute but it was so quiet and a little bit off the road giving it a horror film kind of feel.  When we got inside she told us that the phones had been dead for three days.  We used the bathrooms, picked up a quick order of fries and jumped back into the car before we became the next victims.  I can't explain the logistics of it, but somehow I knew that this particular film would not have had a psycopathic murderer, but it was one of those where a mutated wild animal picks off its prey one at a time.  Once we were back in the van we happily ate our fries and were safely on our way.
This worked out for us again later on when Daisy started barfing and the styrofoam take out container that had been empty was filled again with much less appealing fare.
We have gotten pretty good at this driving back and forth deal.  We got there in just a smidge over 12 hours and were happily tucked into warm beds at Oma's before we knew it.

Now that we were in Ogden it was right to business.  Brandon played basketball with his brothers in the morning, the Howards had their Christmas party in the afternoon and then it was the Weber State game that night.

It was the mascot game.  Rosy loved all the characters until they came close.  She wailed so loudly that Grisbee the bear ran away.  Being the caring adults that we are, we laughed our heads off at her fear and then I took a picture.
 She didn't think it was funny.
 Daisy appeared in full ladybug uniform.  I told her that she had better check in advance who we were playing because I didn't want her to accidentally support the opposing team.  It was okay though because they were the wolverines which are not at all associated with ladybugs.  Unfortunately neither are wildcats.  Luckily Opa was wearing enough purple for the whole family.

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