Saturday, January 30, 2016


 January has been a rainy and depressing time like always.   Somehow we managed to survive mostly unscathed.   For Ike it was a life  changing month  because he now can sit up, eat solids,  and army crawl.   This also means that my life has gotten even more crazy.

 Yes, that laundry pile the same height as Rosy.

I have been trying to get back out on the running trails.  I have finally lost enough of the baby weight that I can squeeze  back into my pants.  This day we  were just about ready to head out the door but when I put the pants on Rosy refused to go with me.   She doesn't like the pants.   Her exact quote, "Mom, those pants are NOT cool."

It was a pretty epic battle between the two of us.  I was afraid for a while that she was going to win and that either I would have to change my wardrobe or just give up on the run altogether.  In the end I bribed her with an old  candy cane that  I found in the back of the cupboard and it was a win-win.  The only drawback was that there may have been actual people outside that saw me wearing those uncool running clothes.  Hopefully they survived.

Bonus Story:
The other day while driving the kids to school we were listening to NPR.  They were talking about race issues and mentioned something about white people.  Daisy said, "Mom, are they SERIOUS?  There are white people?" 

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