Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Carrot Pull

 The Grassroots Garden is this incredible project in Eugene.  It is worked completely through volunteer service and helps provide food for the Food for Lane County program.    I have never been over there before but we were invited this year to the Carrot  Pull.  There were beds and beds of carrots and we all chose a  place to start.  At exactly 11 o'clock they blew a whistle and we all picked pounds and pounds of carrots.  Each person got to choose one carrot  to enter  into  the contest and the rest we  cleaned and boxed and got ready for distribution.   It was a sneaky...and really fun way to  get a lot of work done.
 The carrots were giant and as sweet as can be.  After the work was done we  gathered together for a lunch of carrots and dip, carrot soup,  and carrot cake.  
Daisy won third place for longest carrot.  It may end up being the proudest moment of  her life.

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