Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is What We Do

 Ike is really unhappy with baby food.    He obviously wants to eat real food but I just  keep shoving  tasteless pureed  vegetables in his face.  As of late he seems to have  resigned himself to his  fate and will humor me by choking down a few spoonfuls.   I tell him to hang in  there because good things will come  soon.   We have very different opinions about teeth.  He wants them because  he sees them as his ticket  to a decent meal, but I just can't stand the idea of him losing that big gummy smile.

In fact, I am  sorry to  say that since his smile has entered this home the regular standard of care has gone down...way down.  How can I be expected to do dishes when there is a tiny little human that needs me to kiss his cheeks?
I justify my lack of accomplishment by realizing that I am not the only one in this  family with the problem.
Uno, anyone?

 Rosy gets very upset when someone else tries to get near Ike.  Like really upset.  It is  kind of a huge problem but has been relieved a bit since she adopted Oaklee.  She has been buried in the bottom of the  toy basket but now that she has been found she goes everywhere with us.
 Ike took on the rest of the toys to make sure that nobody felt neglected.
 And the sad news is that our neighbors moved.  Arif and his family have been close friends and we will never forget them.

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