Tuesday, November 29, 2016

 Sometimes I think that preparing for Halloween is much more fun than the actual day.  This is especially true at our house where Brandon does all the costume making.
 This year the weather was perfect and the girls were big enough to actually do some of the carving themselves.  I already knew that kids can bring magic back into holidays but I am pleasantly surprised as they get older how much actual work they can get done.

 We have had this bird's nest above our door for a couple of years now.  The birds have abandoned it but I always hope that they will come back.  I need to give up on the idea though, especially now that the construction crew just went ahead and painted it as they were doing the rest of the trim.

What do kids do when they get a day off school?  Play school of course.  Rocky is a strict task master.  Usually the younger kids play and it is a little less serious but when the big kids comes out and makes her appearance the littles all fall in line and get studying.  Bijoux is a little bit more understanding.  The girls love this game but to tell you the truth, Ike really isn't into it.  He wants to run around and play but I lock him in his high chair so that I can get dinner ready.  Maybe that is why when he gets let out that he hits me with the tinker toys.

At the Art Museum

Babies in the Wild
 It took me about a week to figure out what Ike had gotten into but then I found a watercolor set that was missing the blue.  Mystery solved.

Jungle Book movie night. Even Ike is into it.
 After the rough soccer season I almost gave up on sports forever but Rocky begged to do volleyball.  She started out way behind the other girls on her team but it has been fun to watch her skills improve and the enthusiasm she has for learning.  She is an eternal optimist.
The Cheering Crew

Game Stance

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