Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Rocky and Daisy had no school on Wednesday so they got to stay home and annoy Ike.  He loves his sisters but he also enjoys his alone time.  His new thing is that he squeezes himself into the tiniest box he can find.  He isn't that concerned if the box had previously been filled with socks or underwear.  He just throws all that aside and climbs in.
 We have a tradition of seeing a movie at the movie theater since there is always something good that comes out this weekend. This year was a treat.  We got to see Moana and we all loved it.

This year Spencer View Thanksgiving went to a whole new level.  A few of the families worked on the decorations and transformed the place.  We had incredible food and so much fun playing games and making friendship bracelets.  It was one of my favorite Thanksgiving meals ever.

The Turkey Train Rides Again

My Eugene sis, Nicole.  This is one of my favorite photos ever.
 This Thanksgiving was truly delightful.  I got to go on a long run with my dear friend Laurie in the early morning on the Ridgeline Trail.  I spent all morning hanging out with my family and cooking in the kitchen leaving just enough time for a little nap before the meal.  I spent the afternoon with friends eating and eating and eating so many delicious things and so many desserts.  And I got to end the night snuggled up with Brandon watching Miss. Fisher's Murder Mysteries.  I love this holiday.  I have so many things to be grateful for and am so very blessed.
 We went to the Science Factory so we could take the traditional family photo.  But, we forgot that maybe you should look at what your kids are wearing if you are going to take a picture.
 We had planned on going in and enjoying the museum but when we realized that our family pass didn't work there we switched gears and went to the Natural History Museum where the pass is good.  It was a success!

 Scientists in action.

 And we finished it off by doing our Christmas nails.  Rocky took the picture so she isn't in it.  She also took 15 pictures of her own feet, which explains why she has limited access to my phone.

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