Saturday, June 17, 2017

9 Years Old

 Rocky turned 9.  She chose this chocolate toffee cake for her treat and I was so happy that she has reached an age that she wants something delicious instead of something cute.  The cute stuff that I find on Pinterest usually turn out as fails when I am attempting them anyway.
She also chose to swim at Splash! and we all went together as a family.  For dinner she wanted Ramen Noodles.

 Ike just about ruined everything by grabbing the plate but Brandon jumped up to catch the cake before it dropped.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do without Rocky.  She is the kid who first made me a mom and was my only friend when we moved here to Eugene.  Now I rely on her constantly to keep an eye on the others.  She has confidence and is friendly to everyone.  She is a great storyteller and also a great listener to stories.  She loves to dance and sing, she rides her bike all over Spencer View and she has turned into a fantastic little runner.  She is a bookworm and a cook and she is growing up just so fast.

Daisy times 20
 One thing that we love about living here is that we get a front row seat to the track meets.  These three little old ladies packed up their bags and chairs and set up shop on our side of the fence.  Rocky had her bag packed with snacks and Rosy brought her fan.
 Ike has become my little hiking buddy.  We take pretty regular trips to the top of the butte.
 Even though he does like that pack better he will still ride in the jogging stroller.  Sometimes it will only happen with a bribe.
 He is snuggled up in his bed happily sleeping every day when I have to wake him up.  Being the fourth baby has many benefits and he gets spoiled, but the saddest moment of my day is pulling this baby from his dreams to put him in the car and drive to the school.

 We cheered on the marathoners again.  It is funny how easy running looks when you are not the one doing it.

Family Night
 He is definitely not supposed to be playing on that iPod.  Also, this is what my house looks like these days.  It aint pretty but this is where we are.
 Nicole has a new puppy named Babs.  My kids think she is their new little sister.

Bonus Picture:

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