Saturday, June 17, 2017

I Made This

 It took me almost 2 years but with a lot of help from Kathy and my friend Carolyn but I finally finished my quilt.  It was inspired by the Piece by Piece quilt shop and my experiences in Eugene.  I won't claim that it is perfect but it is something that I feel proud to have made and I like looking at it.
 The Oregon Track Club 5k runs are one of my very favorite family traditions.  Usually Ike and Rosy ride in the jogging stroller but Rosy decided that she wanted her own number.  I told her that she couldn't have a number unless she was going to run.  I figured that she would jump in and out of the stroller along the way.  She started strong and by the first mile she hadn't given up.  By the second mile I was really impressed.  She told me that she was going to run the whole way so that when she crossed the finish line they would say her name.
 That is one thing about our Rosy.  When she sets her mind to something there is nothing that will stop her.
 She didn't stop once and didn't even walk.  I was so proud of that little girl I couldn't stop smiling.
Just out for a drive.

Movie night at the Rigby family theater
 Mother's Day came and went again.  The highlights:  The cutest husband making breakfast, Rocky's Grandma's are the Beast card, and the one decent photo ever taken with me and my four little stinkers.

 Ike LOVES sour cream veggie dip.  The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen and he was sitting shirtless on top of the table dipping a puzzle piece he had found on the floor in the dip and licking it off.  You can't make this stuff up, folks.  This is my life.  At least he's cute.

And speaking of cute...oh man, these two.
 Every once in awhile I get a chance to head out for a run alone.  I ran up to Pre's Rock and paid my respects.
 At this house we have to keep markers in high places.  This Ike will color on anything he finds.  Paper, library books, skin, walls, nothing is safe.  It used to be embarrassing to me when I was walking around the store with a child covered in marker but now we just tell people that he is a tattoo art prodigy.
 Daisy loves art projects too, but she sticks to the paper.

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