Monday, October 2, 2017

More Reunions

 It is always hard to be split up as a family, but it made it worse that while Brandon was gone we did so many things that he loves. 
We attended the Weber State alumni game and watched as they retired Damien Lillard's jersey.  There were so many of our old friends there and lots of basketball players that we cheered for back in our young college student days. 
 Ike wouldn't sit by me.  He just wanted his own space I guess.  I kept thinking that it should make me sad but I was just so glad to have my lap free.
 My mom was so happy because she loves Damien so much.  She has good reason because not only is he an incredible player for Portland, he is so kind and loyal to Ogden.  He does a ton of service and never forgets how much the people from Weber supported him.  I even got a little teary eyed when he was talking about how much he loves the school, mostly because I feel the same way.

Still not too cool to sit with Oma.

Pollyanna again?
 First try at a cool braid.  It might be my last too.
 Proving that I still went to church even when Brandon wasn't around.  Or I could just be dressed up as a scam, you decide.

This poor baby gets woken up almost every time he naps.
 Hayden did a great job speaking at church and we had so much fun hanging out with all our favorite Rigbys, and Jolleys.

Piano Lessons with Eric
I found Ike sneaking under the curtains so he could watch Opa mow the lawn.  We got him a better viewing spot.

 Jill won the coolest gift prize when she showed up with Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site for Ike.  It is the only contender in his esteem with Pollyanna.
 During this summer we all ate our weight in ice cream.  I don't regret it.

 Rosy was the only kid that wanted to come to Savers with the adults and for that she was richly rewarded with a new purse and an orange skull, two necessities for an almost 5-year-old.

Street Tacos!!!!
 This is a problem that seems to happen way too often.
 Salsa making:  The spiciest time of the year.
 Ike got into the spirit of school too.  His scribbles didn't make much sense to me, but he sure looked like he knew what he was doing.

Can I speak to Isaac?

 The girls all got to dance at my alma mater, Bonneville.  It was basically a high school reunion because so many of my schoolmates had their kids signed up for Little Lakettes.  It was a beautiful night and a blast from the past. I found myself simultaneously missing and not missing my teenage years.  I loved high school and definitely reflected fondly as I walked through the building and sat in the stands.  But I sure don't miss being a teenager.
 There were so many kids it was hard to find mine.  I'm sure they did really well though. 

 And when we got back from the game there was Daddy waiting for us. 
Sweet Reunion

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