Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Daisy at 8

 Our Daisy girl turned 8.  She is a delightful person.  She is kind and warm and beloved by adults and kids alike.  She still has a great belly laugh and an artistic eye and is a great joy to our family.
She wanted Skittles cupcakes and everyone helped make them. 
 Ike was the self-appointed taste tester and got kicked out of the kitchen almost immediately.

 For her birthday meal she wanted pesto tortellini and sweet potato fries.  She begged for school play sets which have been in almost constant use since she got them.
 Since Sailor and Nora share the birthday with her she always gets the best party.  This year it was especially great because Sailor's grandparents provided everything.  It was a unicorn extravaganza.

 She also chose to spend the afternoon at Get Air and for a special treat we put as many kids as we could fit into the Hurricane Simulator.  Hilarious.
When I went to the school to deliver the birthday treat (Fruit by the Foot...which was on the list of approved 'healthy' treats for some unknown reason) this boy came by to introduce himself. 
"Hi, I am Manuel, or you can call me Manny.  Daisy and I have crushes on each other.  We are basically boyfriend and girlfriend."
He was so cute and so confident.  I worried a little bit about their relationship though when I saw the body language in this hug, check out her hands.  Whenever I ask Daisy about how she feels she just giggles. He told me that I don't need to worry.  He knows she is moving away but that they will find each other again some day. 
Good luck Manuel.  You seem like a real sweet kid.

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