Tuesday, May 1, 2018

One Bad Day that was Maybe Actually Good After All

 Thursday was a nightmare of a day.  Ike and I had a hundred errands to run, the girls had dentist and doctor appointments, we did our shopping, and ate on the go.  I was tearing through traffic with a minivan full of kids trying to get Daisy to her class play on time.  When we finally got there 5 minutes after the program had started my hair was in a wild mess and I was stinky with sweat.  I wanted to sit down and cry.  Brandon was there to meet me and he gave me a big hug. 
And then the play was adorable. 
I only have 2 pictures of that horrible 12 hours and they both make me smile. 
The errands and red lights I ran are already fading out of memory but this look on Daisy's face I hope to remember forever.

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