Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Deep Hippie Connection

This is a shout-out from Rocky to her peeps.

She wanted to say that she misses her cousins but no matter how many miles comes between them they remain close because she is connected to Ethan, Joanna, and Ginny through a deep and pure sense of style.


Kristin said...

I miss that little Rocky. The pictures are cute! My kids insist that the last one is Ginny, not Rocky. The first one reminds me of the E-trade baby. I miss you!

Marci said...

That is nice that they think she looks like Ginny. Brandon said that her comb-over makes her look like Hitler.

jillian said...

I wanted to make a comment about her Germanish comb-over, but now, since Brandon said it first, I'll make one about nothing.