Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homecoming Parade

I've been looking forward to this year's homecoming parade since the day after last year's. Although there weren't as many floats (or as much drunkenness for that matter) it was a success. While there were no togas, probably because of the freezing cold evening, there was a bunch of hippies.

This might not seem like much of a stretch for Eugene, but if you look closely, it is clear that these are the funny dressed-up hippies, not the real, we-dress-like-this-daily kind that are always outside of the library. This float sported more of a disco and tie-dyed type of hybrid - a 60s/70s mix.
It is kind of interesting to see so many hippies on campus because generally it seems that there is a big divide in this city between the university crowd and the drum-circle group that run the Saturday Market. The students are usually easily recognizable by their U of O paraphernalia and cell phones. The real hippies usually haven't showered for several weeks, and carry all their belongings on their backs. Also, the female U of O students are always either wearing skin-tight stretch pants with Ugg boots or little teeny shorts. (The short shorts are also donned by the hard-core runners who may or may not be students, but who are definitely not hippies.) The main bridge that covers the gap between the hippies and the college students is that they all agree on the legalization of marijuana.
This group went with a jungle theme.

The football players were giving out calendars and I was pretty excited with mine until I realized that it was for this year instead of next. If it takes 11 months to give them out for free, it doesn't seem to be that hot of a commodity.

Brandon worked hard to keep Rocky from getting frostbite. She took courage when the frat-boy dressed like a mermaid who was only wearing a clam-shell bra and some green butcher paper saluted her from the top of the truck he rode.
Rocky was one of the only kids around and really enjoyed the spoils. (And by that I mean that Brandon and I ate most the candy and she got to keep the beads.)

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Lindsey and Isaac said...

How fun! I love your explanation of the real hippies and the college students with leggings or shorts - it's totally true!