Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rescue Mission

Rocky was taken for ransom by a couple of neighborhood ruffians. In order to get her back we had to hike all the way out into the mountains past Cottage Grove to this waterfall.

We were able to buy her back with a couple of cookies and a Cutie orange. In the end I think that the three of them planned it all out and split the booty. She seemed a little too calm during the whole thing. It was pretty good for us all because even though there was snow along the trail it was great to get outside.

Bonus Video
It is pretty common that kids who stay up past bedtime get into an ultra-hyper state of energy. My dad calls it the cat-crazies. This is what happened last night when Rocky had a pretty bad case of the cat-crazies.


Chels said...

We haven't experienced cat-crazies with Oliver yet but Ty always calls it Kitty Crazy Time when our cat freaks out in the evenings. He always calls it that because he remembers your dad saying it.

autumn said...

what trail did you take? alvin and i are interested. you always find the coolest places to go.

oh man, chloe gets the cat-crazies every night, no fail. it doesn't matter what time it is. anytime after dinner is cat-crazy time. i can only imagine what these girls would be like together during the cat-crazies.

Sharstin said...

love it!! looks gorgeous! good thing you had the cookies and cutie to get her back!