Monday, April 30, 2012

Hot Rockin' 4th

 For Rocky's 4th birthday we tried to do everything she wanted.  I figured we might as well do it now while she is young and her big dreams are still easily fulfilled.  Since it fell on a Sunday we opted to celebrate all weekend long.
For months she has been begging to go to "Old McDonald's" to play and eat.  I hope they got their fill for the year. 

 The next stop on her wishlist was the movie theater.  We saw The Pirates! Band of Misfits which was hilarious.  I like this picture because it shows how those of us who live in Oregon aren't used to seeing the sun.
 She also got her first bike.  She was thrilled, along with all the other kids in our complex who might actually get to ride their own bikes instead of always sharing with her. 
 She was so excited that it was her birthday that she was bouncing around all day.  I bet by the time she finally went to bed her calves were exhausted from all that jumping.
 She chose spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and polished off about 4 helpings.  Sorry for the skin but the kids at our house eat spaghetti sans clothing.  At first it was because we were trying to keep their clothes clean, but now I think that the fact they get to take off their shirts is one of the reasons it is consistently the favorite meal around here. 
 Daisy always tries hard to avoid the paparazzi.
 The Peep sunflower cake that Rocky found in a magazine a year ago and asked for ever since.  I made it after she had gone to bed and I felt kind of dumb when I finished.  I told Brandon that I thought it looked like it was made by a 4th grader.  When Rocky got up the next morning she looked at it and cheered.  She was so sincerely excited with it and I realized that to a 4-year-old a 4th grader is pretty cool. 

 I asked her if she wanted to invite some friends over to eat cake, thinking that she would pick a couple of kids but instead she said she only wanted our neighbors Brandon and Jody to come.  I don't blame her because Brandon and Jody are really fun and they are always so loving to her.  Since she doesn't get to be with her blood aunts and uncles they have graciously stepped in and she adores them.

She got some great presents from her grandparents and a treat at church.  She also had some cute signs that her daddy made to decorate the house and all the cake she could eat.  All in all I think it was a success. 

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Laurie said...

I love the peep cake... you did a great job! Happy belated birthday to my future daughter-in-law. :)