Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Sunny Day on the Coast

The newest in Rigby style
Those of you not living in Oregon might not know how lucky we were to see some sun on our trip to the coast.  Kathy, Hayden and Indee came out for a visit and most of what they saw in Eugene was what we've been seeing a lot of the past few weeks...rain.  On our drive out to Newport the forecast called for rain and hail, which we did experience, but it was accompanied with a lot of glorious sun.  While I was trying to bask in it as much as possible, Rocky, who was clearly raised here, just kept saying, "My eyes are burning."  

We did a little hiking and a little tide-pooling and had a nice day enjoying the ocean.
 Rocky was either thrilled or disgusted with this big hunk of junk that she had collected.  Either way it didn't stop her from picking it up.


A preview of a future teenage girl?

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