Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Morning

We left out a piece of fudge for Santa and watched the Shrek the Halls Christmas special before going to bed.  When Rocky woke up she just ran upstairs without permission and when I chased after her to make her wait for Daisy she returned to her sister saying, "Daisy, it is GREAT!  Santa ate the sudge."  I don't know if she hadn't noticed the presents but she tells everyone about the sudge and nobody understands.  To me, sudge just really doesn't sound that appetizing but Santa didn't seem to care because he left a bunch of loot.
 The princess dresses and castle barely made it out of Utah alive.  In fact, the Hello Kitty costume already looked like it was 10 years old after about 15 minutes on Daisy.
 Rosy was a little disappointed that none of the dresses fit her and immediately made a resolution to grow.  She has been working hard on it too, putting on the pounds.  It probably won't help her much though because it all goes right to her chin.

It seems like the holiday and our trips to Utah just go like a big blur and when I get home I can hardly remember anything except the things that I caught on camera.  We did a lot of fun stuff with Brandon's family, and hung out with Mark and Emily.  We also spent a lot of time working because Kristin was trying to move her dad out of his house.  This meant that there was a lot of cousin time and since we have been home Rocky and Daisy both have been talking about missing them. 
Jill spent hours telling Rocky scary stories, which led to Rocky spending hours telling those stories to other people.  She tends to get kind of confused on the details so if you are in need of a laugh just ask her to share one with you.

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