Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 This year, just like every other year I have re-dedicated myself to physical fitness.  With a little bit of help from the Shed and Shred DVD that Atom gave me for Christmas Daisy and I have been burning calories indoors.  The weather has been frigid and even though our apartment is only a few degrees warmer we manage to survive by working up a sweat.  If you look closely at the TV in the photo you will see a ghost image of Jillian Michaels.  I managed to snap the picture just as it was changing camera angles.  I'm considering sending the image out on the internet to try and start spreading a story about a headless aerobics instructor ghost that haunts the halls of student housing.
Rosy also participates in the exercise regimen.  To tell the truth, her pushups are actually a little better than mine.  I'm working on it, but those things are tough.  I'm guessing it is even harder for her because her head is like a quarter of her body weight.  Just getting that melon off the ground probably works every muscle in her core.
 The chilly weather keeps fooling us.  It isn't raining so when the girls beg to go outside we'll all get bundled up and walk out the door.  In less than five minutes everyone is crying frozen tears, including me and we retreat back inside to thaw.  Because I don't want their brains wasting away in front of the boob-tube I make sure that they get in some reading.  Captain America is good for child-development, right?
 Daisy's favorite hidey-hole is underneath the computer desk.  She's got it all pimped out with pillows, blankets, books, and her doctor's kit, just in case anything goes drastically wrong.  If you look closely you can see Wally peeking out, he is there for security in case any monsters come by.  Come to think of it, that is probably the reason for the medical equipment too.
 Rosy sits atop the table in her throne and presides over the activities in our home.  She likes watching her sisters play but not as much as we like having her in a spot where we can constantly be entertained by her cooing.  I know this is coming from me, but I am serious when I say that she is unbelievably cute.  I could lie in my bed wrapped up in warm blankets while eating brownies and watch her all day long.

I would even do it without the brownies, she is that cute.
 Daisy wanted me demanded that I take a picture of her puzzle.  I won't lie, she is pretty much a genius when it comes to princess puzzles, but I don't know if this far along deserves a photo.  We had an argument because I thought she should wait until it was finished and she was actually proving something.  In the end she won because I really did want documentation of how she rocks the side ponytail.
 My other resolution was, as sad as this is, to actually do something with their hair.  Because they both have such phenomenal curls I have slipped into letting them sport the hair they wake up with.  At Christmas my mom and sister gave me a printed form of my blog and I realized that I used to be a better mother.  Or, at least, I looked like I was a better mother, and isn't that what these blog things are all about?  The purpose as far as I can deduce from what I've seen is proving to your children, and everyone around that you do all kinds of enriching things in your happy home.  Now every morning when Rocky whines about pigtails I tell her that I have to do it so other people know that she is loved and that someone takes care of her.  Then I add a bunch of sexist crap about how beauty hurts and that it is important that we don't look like slobs.  Blah, blah.  The real truth is that when they have their hair combed, they look so cute it is much easier for me to be patient with them.  I know that we put too much emphasis as a society on how people look, and I really don't think I'm that obsessed with the outward appearance, but when my kids look like wild animals I find myself yelling at them like they are wild animals.
When I put their hair in those two little pigtail nubs that stick out kind of like horns, it is even worse.  It is like I expect them to do naughty things and when they do it doesn't stress me out as badly and sort of just becomes cute.  What?  You just flushed your toothbrush down the toilet?  Isn't that just the cutest ever!
So basically for the sake of my sanity during these long days stuck inside this small apartment, I'm making an effort to spend the extra 10 minutes and get everyone ready.  Once I get the hang of that I'm planning on trying to look half-decent myself and we'll see if I can get away with more trouble too.

Speaking of quality parenting...Rocky and I have been reading my favorite kids book, Matilda.  I'm sure everyone knows that my favorite chapter is the one where Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat an entire chocolate cake.  In the spirit of literacy we put aside our healthy eating strategy and made our own cakes.  To be fair, they were low-fat...well they were until we covered them with chocolate chips anyway.
 What can I say?  Kids cannot live on lentils alone.

Since we haven't been watching any movies around here we have found that Rocky and Daisy are best buds.  They have become quite creative.  One thing they have started doing is gathering up all the pillows in the house and linking them into a long snake which they call the water slide.  The run along until they get to the end and make a dive onto the couch.  They also like to tell jokes.  Here is one.
Rocky:  You are a Cheese.

Daisy:  I not cheese, I quesadilla.
Both girls burst into uncontrollable laughter.

For the moment I feel like Rosy is still on my side, but it is only a matter of time until the kids completely take over.

I know...she is just so adorable.  

Wink, Wink
 This picture just really makes me laugh.  I didn't take it, but when I found it on the camera it just seemed really funny.
Bonus Video:  Nothing interesting happens but it shows the sweetness of this little girl.
I'm not sure who makes better sounds, Rosy or Brandon.


jillian said...

I love Rocky's halloween shirt and Daisy's blue outfit with the skirt. And Rocky's yellow shirt with the polka dot sleeves. And Rosy's stripey tights. And Daisy's cowgirl hat outfit. And, of course, the pajamas. And I love their hair, whether it's fixed or their phenomenal natural curls.

I can't say what happens in real life, but through the magic of blogging I think you're the best mom ever. (It's not just the blog- it's pretty obvious you are since your girls are flipping cool.)

Lindsey and Isaac said...

I miss you guys! This may just be the cutest post ever.

Laurie said...

I love you and your girls. You are just awesome. Hope to hang out soon.

Micha said...

I love this post. You are amazing and I love your kids. Seriously, mine are 10 and 6 and I still struggle to make sure we've all got normal clothes on and brushed hair. Rocky & Daisy are adorable as ever, and don't even get me started on how awesome that last picture is of Rosy!