Sunday, January 27, 2013

Funny Feet

The other day Rocky begged me to make spaghetti and when it was almost ready she said, "My feet are so excited to eat."  We were all confused why her feet had this enthusiasm about pasta but she explained that it is because when she eats it goes all the way down to her toes and makes them feel warm and good.  I can't really blame them because eating is also my favorite activity.

While I was finishing up some dishes on Saturday morning Rosy was kind of getting fussy so I put her sisters in charge of cheering her up.  This is what they came up with.  Obviously it worked.
There are several things I like about this picture.  The first is that they are in their p.j.s which is always a plus.  I like how Rosy's feet are kicked straight out and her hands are clutched to her chest making it look like she is hanging on every word.  The book, in fact, is Mr. Silly Learns to Swim and is as compelling as the title sounds.  I also appreciate that Daisy is wearing Mu Shu as a hat.  While Rosy never really seemed to notice, Daisy thought it was hilarious. 
About 3 minutes after I put away the camera Brandon walked in the door and announced that there was a rainbow and the big sisters abandoned the little one and ran out to check it out.  Rosy was immediately shattered, but regained her smile when they returned.

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JazznJenna said... : ) It totally brightened my day. I love the Mu Shu hat, and the fact that your girls were successful in cheering up the baby. You must have been inspired to turn it over to them at that time : ).

Miss you, Marci!