Sunday, March 17, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

 Since the weather has been so nice around here I have been reminded how much fun we have hanging out with our neighbors.  Michelle caught these moments on one sunny afternoon.  If there is anything close to heaven on earth it is a sunny day in Eugene.  Of course the nice photos were taken by Michelle.
Bonus Story:
Rocky is constantly surprising me by all the things she remembers.  The other day she mentioned that worms have 5 hearts and I commented on how she has her dad's brain because he is good at remembering facts.  She was really puzzled by the idea and wondered how her daddy got by with just half a brain.  This opened up a whole can of worms about heredity.  She had no problem understanding how babies take after their moms but she didn't know how the dads were involved.  I told her that it takes a mom and dad to make a baby.  I wasn't sure how far into it I should go because they always tell you to teach your kids about sex when they are young, but to not give them more than they are ready to understand.  I'm also just a little hesitant with the details because not only does she remember things we tell her, she blabs them to all the kids around the neighborhood.  I'm not sure that all the parents at Spencer View are ready to have their children educated on the birds and the bees by my daughter.
While I was calculating the best way to go about this conversation Rocky said frankly, "I know how to make a baby."  I waited because I wasn't sure what was coming.  "Out of gingerbread, with lots of cinnamon."
Sounds good for now.

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Laurie said...

Rocky is so awesome!