Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three Years and Going Strong

Daisy turned 3 and was the cutest little birthday girl.  She wanted a princess cake but after a few days of the two of us perusing Pinterest we decided that a princess rainbow cake was more to our style.  Hers because it had the added bonus of Skittles and marshmallows and mine because decorating the thing took the skill level of a 4th grader.  That being said I need to take this moment to confess that when the time came to actually form the rainbow I begged Brandon to do it.  He did a great job.  This cake was also kind of a big thing for me because it was the first one I ever made from scratch.  Unfortunately it tasted like it was a first attempt.  Luckily since it was made with a whole lot of butter and sugar we didn't have any trouble eating it, imperfect though it was.  The other day Daisy was cooking in her little kitchen and she said she was making her birthday cake.  When I asked her what she put in it she said that there was some hot chocolate, orange juice, applesauce and...a little bit of mustard.  Mine wasn't that bad at least.

The birthday was fun and gave us a chance to really focus on our little Daisy girl.  She was spoiled with presents from grandparents and played all afternoon with Playdough, and her new Fashionista Barbie Doll.  She also had a great time with those crazy little hamster toys that chirp and roll around.  I don't really get them...they seem sort of creepy but both Rocky and Daisy are obsessed with them.
Early in the day we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some ice cream and she begged and pleaded for some "pink milk."  She was entranced with the mini jug of Tampico that looked like a tiny version of the gallon bottles.  I gave in on this one because I too am a sucker for mini things and I thought that although the punch would be short-lived I could see that mini milk jug living in the play kitchen for years to come.
 It may have been her favorite part of the day, especially because they got to drink out of the mini mugs that Opa gave them.
 Her other request was for spaghetti and meatballs, which, after a small setback, turned out great.

 She was so excited about the cake that she could hardly even breathe.
 We had our Spencer View buddies come to help us celebrate and I know it meant a lot to her to be the center of attention.
She begged and begged for me to straighten her hair and it made her look like a teenager.  She is a kid who loves girly things.  She plays dress up for hours and always wants to play with my make-up. 

 She especially likes the lipstick.   
 She is a great sister and an incredibly loving daughter.  She is a favorite of everyone who knows her and has a tender way of making the people around her feel special.  She is also extremely stubborn and has some pretty intense opinions.  If you don't believe me just try cutting her sandwich without asking if she wants triangles or squares.  It changes with her mood and I've learned it is better to just ask, every time.
She is super funny because she likes to dance and say that say, "Shake your booties."  
I can hardly believe that she is already three years old and I feel so blessed to be her mom.


the splendid life of us... said...

Happy THREE years Daisy! She is adorable!


Micha said...

The best part of the cake was Daisy hiding in the kitchen sneaking all the skittles off when she didn't think anyone was looking. And yes, she looks WAY too old with her hair like that!
Happy Birthday, Daisy-girl!

Janet Howard said...

You are so right. Everybody loves our little Daisy Girl. Oma

Katrina said...

I think the cake looks really good! And your girls are the cutest.