Monday, March 25, 2013

Debbie's Photos

 Thanks Debbie for taking all these great photos that I stole from your blog.  I like stealing photos that other people take because they always look better.
 We had a great time with the Rigbys hunting for eggs and holding snakes.
 Rosy was trying to get as much photo time with Derek so that when he becomes a famous artist she will have proof that she was one of his early fans.  She's a hipster and always wants to be ahead of the curve.
She also had to get some time with her Tia Aynna before they move.
 Daisy found the special egg with only a little bit of help from her grandpa.
 The three amigos were kickin' it on the floor and catching up on all their newest tricks.
We played a couple of games, laughed a bunch and ate delicious food.  Since we don't usually get to be there for the family dinners we really enjoy them while we can.

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