Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Theme, Just Life

Every day when I pick Rocky up from school she comes running out with a new book that she checked out from the library.  It took her about two days to figure out that if we got there early she could go in and look at the books before heading to class.  She made friends with the librarian and even though she can't read she spends hours looking at the pictures.  At first I had some serious doubts about a school that would send books home with the kindergarteners, but so far so good.
 You can also see the amazing fall weather we have been experiencing.  Rocky likes to kick it out on the big trampoline.  Our mini trampoline had made us the cool family in the red doors but once this one came out we were quickly demoted.  Now the only ones that jump on ours are the babies (who everyone knows are nerds.)

Now that Rosy has some hair her big sisters enjoy styling it while they are taking a bath.  For some reason they call this look a "bohawk." 
 We carved pumpkins with a bunch of friends for FHE.  Daisy didn't have her own pumpkin so she went ahead and massacred this little orange.  That poor little Cutie probably wished he had never been born.
 The best part of student housing is the friends.

What is cooler than wearing p.j.s and an apron?  Nothing.
 For several weeks now Rocky and Daisy have been working on opening their own restaurant.  Today was the big day that the got the whole staff together.  It is called Chef Cuzine (Pronounced coo-zeen which is another word of their own making).  The menu that Rocky put together has about 6 choices, one of which is a cranberry relish that Rocky insists is Cranberry Soup.  When Brandon tried to order one of the choices, which was a yogurt and grape salad, she told him that it was dog food.  He was pretty upset to find out that this up-scale place had dog food on the menu but she, in her waitress voice, calmly explained that there is a customer that comes in every morning with her dog. 
 There was a little bit of conflict among the staff because they were getting a little too creative with the menu but Rocky was able to rein them in.  Mostly the patrons, otherwise known as the moms all ended up being served some kind of Play-Doh waffle.

And in a completely unrelated story...
When it was time to go back to school Brandon's mom sent the girls a package with furry pink and purple pencil bags.  Daisy immediately snagged the pink one and she has slept with it under her pillow every night.  When she takes a nap in my bed she will move it to my room and then move it back before bed time.  Apparently the other night she forgot because I was just getting tucked in when I found it under my pillow.  I had no idea how much stuff was in there.  She is such a little pack rat.

 Now I know why every time I check on her right before lights out she smells like lip gloss.  There are a couple of rings, keychains, and necklaces.  There is a toy, and a flashlight/pen.  And, of course she has a brush, just in case she needs to look her best in the middle of the night.

 Rosy just sleeps with her little Dearie. 

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