Friday, October 25, 2013

Pastry Chef

 My friend Yan is from China and she really wanted to learn to make sugar cookies.  We got a little carried away and pretty much every person that walked through the red neighborhood was tackled and forced to take a cookie.  Well, that is true except for the tackling part.  Sugar cookies aren't that hard to get rid of, even if some of them are Christmas shapes during October.  
The girls spent almost an hour decorating, which is definitely a record.  Rocky spent so much time because she tried to make a heart for each one of her boyfriends.  That girl is so boy-crazy.  I try to make myself feel better by appreciating that she likes lots of boys instead of just one.  Now I just need her to lose her front teeth and start looking awkward so that the boys won't be quite so ready to reciprocate her attention.  I have no problem with a crush, but it is when they start planning weddings that I get squeamish.
 Yan and Katie were pros by the time we finished. 
Daisy was busy trying to eat all the sprinkles without getting caught. 

 Daisy and Dagney are going to take over the pastry kitchen of Chef Cuzine.  They figured that it is easier to carve out their own niche than to try and get involved with the mean boss lady.

We went to a birthday party and the kids were invited to wear costumes.  Since ours still aren't quite ready I thought it would be a good chance for them to actually choose what they want to wear.  Daisy did a nice job putting together a ballerina look and Rocky put together this look.  Since I'm sure you don't know what she is I'll just let you know that she is a rock star.  When she saw this photo she said, "I've never done those eyes before." 
I don't know where she got this sassy photo idea. 
 Rosy decided that she wanted to go as a baby.  I tried to convince her that she is, in fact, a baby, but she doesn't believe me.

Bonus Photo:

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