Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Face of Determination

 Track season is upon us again and since we are always looking for free forms of entertainment we have been cheering the South Eugene High School team.  Usually we just watch from behind the fence but once in awhile we will actually venture in.  After the meet is over is when the real competition begins.  As you can tell Rocky favors the minimalist approach to the long jump and feels strongly about the barefoot running. 
 Daisy will wear whatever is available but Rosy won't hit the track with anything other than Nikes. 

 Rosy has gotten much better.  She used to just sit down on the strip but now she at least makes it to the sand, where she stays and plays until she gets kicked out of the way.
 I know that the St. Patrick's Day business was long since over but I didn't want anyone to miss the lovely outfits these two jokers put together.  Apparently if a little green is good a lot is even better.

 A leprechaun came by and caused some shenanigans.  Rocky and Daisy laughed for hours about the glasses on the baby picture.
 Who is driving that truck?  Either way, it looks like trouble to me.

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