Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fun With Oma

 Oma came into town to visit.  After Christmas I just kept crying until she promised to come and visit.  We even got her for her birthday.  I didn't take too many pictures but we did have a photo shoot at the Masonic Cemetery which could be one of the coolest places in Eugene.  Rosy spent most of the time with her characteristic scowl.  She has gotten the stink eye down to an art.
 We had so much fun and the week sped by so quickly.  Now I'm going to turn on the waterworks again and see if we can get her to come back.

Even though the warnings on this mini shopping cart strictly prohibit this type of thing Rosy has decided it is her new favorite place to sit.  She begs her sisters to push her around the house and screams at them if they stop.

 They are so cute and so CRAZY!
A Quiz:  What should a bunch of neighborhood girls do on a sunny afternoon?  Dress up like ballerinas and perform.  I bet you got it right.

A rare photo of us all together.  This time Rocky also did her best grumpy face just to make sure that we don't have a single picture of the family smiling.  The good news is that Daisy nailed it. 

 Bonus Picture:

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Micha said...

I just can't get over how much personality is squished into that tiny litle Rosy! Love your girls. What fun times.