Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Candy Land Cake

 Rocky and her friend who happens to be a boy worked all afternoon to create a perfect Candy Land cake that was perfect for a 6th birthday. 
 Anyone who has been within 5 miles of this girl in the past two weeks knew that it was her birthday.  She would tell anyone who would listen, and then she'd tell them again.  She was so excited that her Tigger jumping has been in fast forward, if you can even imagine that.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and you can't help but be pulled in.
After several months of begging we finally agreed to take her to Chuck E. Cheese's.  She knows all about it because every Saturday morning she watches the Spiderman cartoon and sees about 400 commercials about how fun the place is. 
 I went in skeptically because the last time I was there was on a Saturday afternoon with about a bazillion birthday parties going on and it was ugly.  Since today was one of those rare Eugene days full of sun Chuck E's party zone looked more like a ghost town.  It was perfect!  We had a blast.

 Rocky's Primary teacher is probably one of her most favorite people in the world.  She surprised us by showing up.  Sister Davis has set the bar so high that it will for sure be downhill from here.  Sorry about the next 6 years Rocky.
 We also ran into a few of our other favorite people.
 Later it was time for the impromptu party on the front patio.  Rocky hunted down every person she could find and demanded that they eat at least one cupcake.

Rocky and Yan, BFFs
I can hardly believe that my little Rock Star can be 6.  She makes every day fun and I am so proud of the girl she is.  I really should write more but I'm so exhausted from trying to make this day a success that I've got nothing.

Bonus Picture:  I'm not sure exactly what is going on here, but it seemed worth documenting.

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Laurie said...

Happy belated wishes to Rocky, had it not been for it being Dan's special day too, we would've absolutely been in attendance. Looks like a blast! The cake is awesome, and I love that you made special note to mention that the friend, although a boy, is not a "boyfriend". :)