Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Hunt

Game Faces
Some parents in our neighborhood still seem to have their stuff together.  I try and blame my lack of motivation on the previously mentioned fact that I have three children, and one of those children is the Rose Bud.  Lucky for me I have friends that still care about their kids having a good time and because of these lovely people we were able to participate in the Second Annual Red Door Easter Egg Hunt.  The "red door" part was a little misleading because while all of the fun activities at Spencer View have seemed to migrate to the red neighborhood the invitation was extended to everyone.  For those of you who are confused I'll just quickly explain that the family housing apartment complex is broken up into sections.  The sections are identified by the color of the doors.   I used to live in the yellow doors and it was nice but there weren't other kids close by.  Then last year we hung out a bunch in the brown doors because our friends there were always doing cool stuff like climbing trees and getting yelled at by the landscaping guys.  For a while in years past the Rigbys could be found at the sand park in the middle of all the neighborhoods, but these days I tend to stick closer to home.  This usually means that I spend at least half of our outside time walking around barefoot trying to find Rocky and her bike gang.
 The real point of this story is that even though our apartments at times have their issues, the proximity to parks and friends more than make up for them.
So on Saturday friends were assembled, eggs were colored, cupcakes were decorated, eggs were found and fun was had.
Rosy and Tucker fought it out to see who had the best "puppy dog" face.

 Since this is Hippie town all the eggs were filled with toys - no candy.  At first I kind of thought it was a bummer but my girls were thrilled with the tattoos they found in the eggs.  They don't care that much about getting Easter candy anyway because they know that I always take it away and then eat it all when they aren't paying attention.  But, since I am trying to change my ways and be a more selfless mother I let them keep all the tattoos for themselves.

 I am the meanest mom because I told Daisy that she couldn't go to the bathroom until I got a decent picture.  She danced for awhile and once she realized I wasn't backing down even managed a smile.
And now for the annual Easter photo shoot.  To cut back on stress and swearing Brandon insisted that if I wanted to take a picture of the girls I should do it an hour before I wanted to leave for church.  It was a good thing because it nearly took that long.  This was my favorite.
I think it looks like a press release for a folksy band.  I asked Rocky if she had a band what she would call it and she said, The Jelly Beans.  I would totally buy their record.  Daisy said that no way would she be in that band but she would join Rainbow Unicorn. Rosy had no comment...yet.  The flower that the baby dragon is holding was not supposed to be a prop, she just ripped it off the tree and refused to let go.  I hate props.
Here are a few that I have given honorable mention.
Nice face Rocky.

Tell us how you really feel.

The Easter baskets each had a package of new underwear...and some candy that I already ate.  The unders were the highlight.  Rosy got really into it and figured that if one pair is good, four is better. 

And that brings us to the conclusion of our holiday festivities.  I hope it was as good for you as it was for us.

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I would absolutely buy their album too.