Sunday, August 10, 2014

American Ninja Warrior

 We were in Utah for an entire month and I took approximately 6 million pictures.  I have to be very careful to only share the most important moments on the blog so I don't bore my faithful readers.  This isn't really the best picture but I am posting it because it portrays an extremely important part of our trip.  We watched the entire season of American Ninja Warrior. 
 It started one night when we watched four hours straight on Esquire.  Then we went back and watched all of the older episodes On Demand.  My only complaint about the show is that I want it to be on 24 hours a day.  I love it for the athleticism and for the drama.  I do have some regrets about how I used my time (my lack of exercise for example) but filling several evening with this show is not one of them.

Another high point happened at the Pioneer Day Devotional when I got to hear the best Pioneer talk ever given by President Uchtdorf.  The Dee Events Center has never been packed like that before and probably never will again.  Every person that made it into the sardine can felt lucky to be there.  Afterwards we hung out to watch the fireworks.  Mike kept everyone snug.

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