Monday, August 11, 2014


 Apricots are amazing because they ripen earlier than all the other fruits.  It gives them an edge because at this point of the summer we are all so desperate for something fresh.  The trees were dripping with them and we headed out first thing in the morning to beat the heat to haul in our spoils.  Daisy was the only one of the kids that actually picked anything.  Rocky did a good job posing.

 I got a couple of little buckets filled myself, but then I had to take a break because I knew that it was  vitally important that I recorded this moment in photos.  It had nothing to do with the fact that I am terrified at the top of those ladders.  Brandon won the day by climbing right up the middle of the tree.  That is where all the ripe ones were hiding.  Unfortunately Mike was out of town so I didn't get my yearly ulcer freaking out about him standing on top of the most rickety ladder you've ever seen.
 Rosy just ran around and got herself into trouble.  She is pretty good at posing too.  How could that little girl cause any trouble?
 We picked enough fruit to make jam for the entire neighborhood.  Since we are in organic hippie-ville we even tried sugar free.  I never would have believed it but it is actually good.  Now I have a few jars of each.  One for when I am looking for something that tastes like apricots and one for the winter time when I am desperate for a sugar high. 

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