Monday, August 11, 2014

Beware of the Birds

 When we are in O-Town we always like to swing by Beus Pond and check in with our little duck friends.  There are signs all over that say that it is definitely not okay to feed the birds bread but it is legit to feed them seeds and "real bird food".  Since my parents have recently become crazy bird people they have about 400 pounds of birdseed for their feeders.  We dipped into it and headed out on a beautiful night for some bonding with our feathered friends.  Of course the girls love it.
 We quickly learned that the birds also love it.  The geese are the same height as Daisy and they were not afraid to pluck the bag right out of her little hands.  It started out cute and then escalated quickly to terrifying.

 I might be a little sensitive when it comes to this topic because of a poorly advised viewing of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds at a very early age.  I am serious though when I say that my heart was beating and I was more than a little bit afraid.  The girls seemed to handle it well.  They realized that they just needed to get rid of their seeds and then it would all be over.  Once the food was gone the ducks and geese all just went back to their normal passive selves.

All they remember about the outing was that they saw a huge rat, and that Rocky got stung by a bee while trying to do a Ninja Warrior move on the wall.  She was stung 4 times while we were in Utah.  She is a little toughee though and fights her way through the pain.
 Since Rosy's birthday is next month it was time to tie the 2-year quilt.  We went with a bird theme (no surprise...we really have become a whole crazy bird family.) 
 I think I can confidently say that hanging out under a quilt on a lovely summer evening may be one of the best moments of life.

The finished product is as snuggly as can be but according to Oma's rules it cannot be unveiled to Rosy until her actual birthday.

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