Sunday, August 10, 2014

Isaacson Camp Out

 Just like when I was little I still look forward to camping with my aunts and uncles and all of my cousins.  This year was kind of a smaller crowd.  We missed everyone that couldn't come but those of us who were there had a good time. The family has grown so much and it is impossible to find a time that everyone can come but I wish that I had more chances to see my cousins. 
We went for a less epic hike than the 10 miles last year.  I think this one was about two miles total but that just gave us time to do some quick cliff jumping.  And when I say "us" I mean some people other than me.  I put my feet in and called it good. 
This is the spot that I will put one of the cliff jumping pictures when someone sends it to me. 

 Daisy and Ginny held hands the whole time.  A fun fact is that if she had her way, Daisy would wear that outfit with the neon green shorts every day if I would let her. 
 All the kids wanted pictures of their Fruit Roll Up tongue tattoos.  The camera is the new mirror.  It is hard to believe that we had to wait at least an hour to get our photos developed from film.  Kids these days, they don't even know what they have. (Insert old lady grunts.)
 I usually don't let Brandon star in a picture by himself but he just looked so cute playing in the brook.  

 Daisy was tired out after all the complaining hiking that she did.
 Of course there was a lot of playing of games and this year they even tried BINGO.
 It was the weirdest thing how the Skittles that were supposed to be markers just kept disappearing.  Maybe that is why people usually use beans.

 Rosy, as you can probably guess, was nothing but trouble when it came to marking the cards.

 Daisy won and when she had a chance to choose from the prize bag we were all a little shocked that she skipped over the gum, toys, and stickers to pick the basket.  She was thrilled with her choice.
Rosy only wanted to hang out with her Oma the whole time, which kind of sums up our entire trip to Utah. 
Other highlights that I didn't photograph include:
A rousing game of kick the can
Several discussions about podcasts.  My friends don't understand me like family.  They think I'm weird when I talk about podcasts.
A couple of late nights at the fire telling stories, which is probably my very favorite thing in all the world.
Delicious Woof-ems
A bunch of laughing with some laughing on the side.

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