Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ladies Lunch

The Ladies Lunch took place at  the Greenery at Rainbow Gardens.  It was the perfect afternoon.

We had one last hurrah before we left town.  We went to Fat Cats and had way more fun than I thought we would.
The girls won a ton of tickets playing Deal or No Deal and then Jill went ahead and won the jackpot on that spinney game.  In the end they had more tickets than they could use.  Their little hands were so full of prizes that they could hardly walk out of there.

They also played a game with one of those little grabbers and they all won candy.  Daisy got something that totally blew my mind.  It was an individually wrapped Jelly Belly.  You heard me correctly, a single jelly bean.   Who ever heard of anything more ridiculous?  I really want to give them out for Halloween.

Best Picture Ever!
We topped it off with the grand finale at El Nuevo Amanecer and ate to our heart's content.  It was pretty perfect.
And if the girls hadn't already had the morning of their lives we finished it off with movie night and a cousin slumber party.

It was kind of a last minute plan, helped along by a crazy neighbor lady that stole all the guys for a marathon moving experience that Brandon will probably not want to remember.

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