Sunday, September 6, 2015

So Long Sweet Summer

 We had a little photo shoot and got some cute shots of some cute folks.
 Just because we got all of the Howard grandkids in one shot doesn't mean that we got all of them looking half decent.

 We went to the Weber State alumni  game which was extra special  this year because Damien Lillard was there.  The whole place was giddy as soon as he stepped onto the floor.  He is a good sport because even now that he is a big shot playing for the Blazers he still makes time to return to
O-Town.  He hasn't forgotten that Weber is a place he loves.

 We had a great time except Rosy had a phobia of Waldo the Wildcat.  She was afraid that he was going to come and get her.  She told me that she still loves the Oregon Duck but she thinks that Waldo has scary eyes.
She is wrong.  He is adorable.

Ike and Gray had a good time chillin' together.  These two cousins are going to be good buddies.

And that concludes our epic Utah trip 2015.   Rest in  Peace Summer.  You were the bomb!

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