Saturday, September 26, 2015

One Giant Leap

 Sis. Richey let all the kids come swim  at her house because they learned the songs for the Primary Program.  There were tons of kids in the pool and it was all a little hectic.   I was busy chatting with my friends and not paying attention to my kids like I always do in social settings when I looked up and saw that Daisy had  climbed the wall and was about to take the plunge.  She has just gotten so brave lately. 
When I was a kid I was always a little bit of a chicken.  Scratch  that.  I am still a chicken.  I never want to do anything fun but then Jill will always do it and then I have to.   I  really am so glad that I  had a  little sister that wasn't afraid of anything because there are a lot  of cool things I would have missed out on otherwise.  After Daisy went up there  Rocky, just like her mama, did it too.  I was proud of both of them.
 We went to the Friday Night Art Walk and they got to play with clay.    I wish I had taken more photos because in the background there were a bunch of people Salsa dancing in Kesey Square.  Eugene is such a great place to live.
 We have officially outgrown the bathtub.  I suggested that they take turns but everyone wants to be with Ike.  
 I thought after they got used to having a baby around  that they would give him a little space.  On the contrary, the bigger he gets the  more he smiles and the more they all want to pay attention to him.  I   can't blame them.  He is the most charming little soul.  None of them realized how risky the situation was until he started shooting pee all over the place.  I guess he has to defend himself with his only weapon.

 If you ever wondered why you should not give Rosy an ice cream  sandwich here is your answer.
 And then  it was time to  go back to school.

Rocky and Daisy are both going to Buena Vista so they get Spanish all day.

Second Grader

Sorry Rosy...2 more years for you.  By the way, nice jammies.

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the splendid life of us... said...

Oh my goodness, Rocky looks so grown up! How did our little babies get to be 2nd graders already?!?