Sunday, September 6, 2015

Little Isaac Grant

 Ike had his blessing day.  He was as sweet as could be.  We did it during the Snow Canyon Sacrament Meeting so that our families could be there.
He wore the little outfit that his dad wore all those years ago when he was blessed.  Kathy had saved
it and I thought he looked pretty handsome myself.

He was named after two pretty special guys.  

My grandpa, Grant is super friendly.  I remember one time when I was in high school he came over when I had a bunch of my buddies over.   He sat right down in the middle of the party and charmed everyone.  Some of my friends still ask about him.  He is a tough old guy and at   90 is still as sharp can be.

The name Isaac really represents my mom and her family who are all Isaacsons, but "Ike" specifically comes from Grandpa.

He was a soft-spoken and kind hearted man that worked hard all his life and would always go out of his way to help someone in need.  He always had a sense of mischief and every time we saw him  he had a new trick or game to stump us with.   I don't think he ever had a second of boredom in his whole life because any free moment was spent in exploring nature or learning something new.
I hope that our little Ike will be a little bit like both of them.

The  blessing was lovely.  He was blessed that he would have a special Christlike love for other people and that he would have the desire to serve others.

After the meeting was over  the party began.  We had a great time barbecuing at Mike and Kathy's and it was fun to have everyone hanging out together.
Brandon and I are so lucky to have two great families that support us and support each other.

Bonus Picture:  I have a premonition that although this is the first time this candy is mentioned that it won't  be the last.

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